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The concept of NCRmarriage has stemmed from the intrinsic desire of potential brides and grooms living in Delhi NCR to not move out of here.

Founder, Taksh Gupta is a Management Graduate from SP Jain School of Global Management and author of Love @ 365 kmph and Hiraeth: First Love First Contact, he has remained a keen observer to figure out key determinants of a happy life. Being in the midst of your near and dear ones appears to be the dominating factor that contributes to the happiness of parents and children alike. Irrespective of how much one cares for each other, what do you do if distance doesn't let you act when time comes?

As a hardcore Delhiite, he is a staunch supporter that there is nothing like finding your lifelong partner in your own city.

Why should one live the life of fish out of water and also miss Dilli ki chaat pakori, metro ki ride, malls mein window shopping, India Gate ke lawns, December ki rajai?

To summarize in our mother tongue, 'Apno ke saath, apno ke paas'.


Here are the things people often want to know from us:
Q - What is NCRmarriage.com?
A – NCRmarriage.com is a website which facilitates people living in Delhi NCR to find a match among themselves.
Q - Is it only for people living in the National Capital Region?
A – NCRmarriage.com invites registrations from people living in Delhi NCR including residents of Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad.
Q - How do I access the database?
A – After your registration is complete and we have activated your profile, you can use our search filters to fill in your preferences and then browse through the results.
Q - Is it free to see database?
A – Absolutely!
Q - Is it free to see database or one has to necessarily pay some fee to access same?
A – There is no fee for browsing the database. But, if you wish to communicate with profiles through private message(s) or send friend request(s), you need to be a paid member.
Q - What if I am not a paid member and someone sends me a message or friend request. Can I reply to him/her without being a paid member?
A – Yes, all our members can reply to a message or friend request even if they are not paid members.
Q - How much is the fee to become a paid member?
A – We present following options:
  • Rs. 2000 + 18% GST = Rs.2,360 (Validity: 6 months from the date of payment)
  • Rs. 3000 + 18% GST = Rs.3,540 (Validity: 1 Year Membership)
  • Rs. 6000 + 18% GST = Rs.7,080 (Validity: Lifetime Membership)
Q - What are the advantages of a paid membership?
A – Paid membership comes with the following benefits:
  • View contact information including phone number and email
  • Send friend request(s) and message(s) to the profiles you like
  • Customer Service on priority basis
  • Option to safeguard your photo from public
  • View name of the respective profiles unlike free members
Q - What is the cancellation policy of paid membership?
A – Regret, there is no provision for cancellation of fee. Also, payment gateway will not bear any cancellation charges in the case payment is cancelled at the user’s end.

Privacy Policy

Q - What information does NCRmarriage.com collect from you?
A – We gather all the essential matrimonial related information from the users. This includes information related to self, family, contact information, education, employment, interests and also their preferences for a partner.
Q - With whom does the site share the collected information?
A – The information collected from our users is only shared with the activated users who, have completed their respective profile. NCRmarriage.com does not sell or rent any identifiable information regarding its members to any third party. We are bound to share information with third party and cooperate when it is required by law or legal process to disclose required information for any investigation.
Q - How will NCRmarriage.com contact you?
A – The NCRmarriage.com team will contact you from time to time to update you on various features and functionalities of the website. They will contact you on the information provided by you on telephone number(s), Email and Social networking sites.
Q - What is the information that guest visitors to our website can view/access of our members whose profiles have been activated?
A – A guest visitor has no access to any information of activated members.
Q - What all details of an active member can be accessed by other active members?
A – All important details and photograph(s), such as:
  • Basic Details like Marital Status, Height, Age etc
  • Information about Religion, Mother Tongue, and Caste
  • Details about Family, Educational Background and Job
  • Other Miscellaneous information pertaining to Health Issues etc.
  • Contact details like Phone number and Email id and names of the respective profiles will only visible to the paid members.
Note: We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time based on your comments or as a result of a change of policy in our company. In case we do not receive any response, it will be assumed that you have understood the privacy policy and you are good with it. If you have any questions/concerns regarding our Privacy Statement, please write in to support@ncrmarriage.com

Terms & Conditions

1. I confirm that all the information provided by me is accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.

2. I confirmed of my intent to enter into a matrimonial alliance.

3. I have read the prevailing Privacy Policy and Disclaimer (also given on home page of website). I accept these policies. I also understand that these policies may undergo change from time to time. It is my responsibility to review the changes periodically and inform NCRmarriage in case of any concerns.

4. I am fully aware that NCRmarriage.com has not got the profiles verified from a third party. I am aware of the risk that I may run by accepting these details as it is. In the light of these facts, I undertake that it shall be solely my responsibility to verify all the details for any profile that I may wish to consider. It has been made clear to me that NCRmarriage does not accept any legal responsibility for any risk emanating out of false information or educational certificates submitted by any member.

5. I am encouraged to report any fraudulent activity to NCRmarriage as well as to law enforcement agencies.

6. I have no objection in receiving information on any non-matrimonial service related information either from NCRmarriage or from any of its associates.

7. I give permission to NCRmarriage for using my personal information including phone number, address, and e-mail for sending promotional information.

8. The membership through registration on our website shall be considered to have been entered into at New Delhi, India. It shall be governed by Indian Laws and violation of any of our terms and conditions shall be subjected to courts of appropriate jurisdiction in New Delhi. Disputes if any, arising out of or in any way affecting the membership or interpretation of our terms and conditions shall also be addressed to courts in New Delhi. You are hereby requested to explicitly agree to the jurisdiction of New Delhi courts for disagreements or disputes of any kind.

9. Some of our members have uploaded their pictures in the album section. However, they may not have identified any one of these to be displayed as a profile Picture. NCRmarriage team shall put up a picture that they find most suitable and show it as profile picture. They may crop it if required for suitable presentation. NCRmarriage may not write to the members to take their permission before doing this as this is being done keeping the best interest of members in mind.

10. If profile is found violating our policies, we reserve the right to deactivate any profile at any given time without any prior notice.

11. You cannot use one account to search for potential matches for more than one person.


NCRmarriage has been developed as an initiative to facilitate people living in Delhi NCR in finding a match among themselves. We have tried to take due precautions to ensure a relevant database. However, the organization does not accept any legal responsibility or risk originating from wrong or inaccurate data presented by any of the member(s).

Membership Plans

1 Month Membership @ ₹ ****

6 Month Membership @ ₹ ****

1 Year Membership @ ₹ ****

Until Marriage Membership @ ₹ ****

Membership Benefits

Send friend request(s) and message(s) to the profiles you like.

View Contact Details of Members

Customer Services at Priority Basis

Option to Safeguard your Photos From Public

Contact Us

DLF Phase – 4, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

(Toll Free) 1800-123-2502

Whatsapp on: +91 9643537920
Landline: 0124-4030004
(8 AM to 4:30 PM- 6 days a week)
Please feel free to call us for any clarifications. We promise that we will be nice to you on the phone.
You can also send an email at info@ncrmarriage.com

Personalized Premier Service

The premier search is anchored by our Director, Dr. Ajay Gupta, PhD from the Delhi School of Economics and total work experience of 30 plus years. He can be contacted at 9811199805. For general queries, kindly reach out to our toll free: 1800-123-2502.

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